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Andre 3000: A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)

I met you in a club in Atlanta, Georgia
Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album
You looked at me like, yeah, nigga right
But you gave me your number
Anyway you were on the talcum powder
How's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
By night, just to pay for that shit, you'd dance
To get your pants was a mission impossible
We were both the same age but
I suppose wasn't on the same page but
In the same book of life so I'd paged you
When I felt you that were getting off work
Or either when you're on your way to school
We starting hanging like Ernie and Bert
And in my idle head I'm thinking cool
Just when I think I'm going down your shirt
You're hiking up your skirt now
The events that followed had me volley
If your hometown would be heaven or hell
The angelic nastiness you possessed
Made you by far the best, therefore hard to tell
You'd dropped me off by the dungeon
Never came in, but I knew that you were wondering
Now are these niggaz in this house up to something
Selling crack sack by sacks so they could function?
Well, yes and no, yes we were selling it
But no it wasn't blow
Cook it in the basement then move it at a show
Then grab the microphone and everybody yelled, Ho
Meanwhile the video starts playing
BET college radio and a van
Packed full of niggaz with a blunt in their hand
And one in their ear
You know what I'm saying
But, I kept your number in my old phone
Got a new chip flip with the roam, roam
So it took me a minute to retrieve seven digits
But I promised I would call you when I got home
But when I got home I never did
By the time I did, heard that you had a kid
By some nigga in Decatur
Who replied see you later when he got the good news
That's life shit
Now, I'm nineteen with a Cadillac
My nigga had a Lex with the gold pack
Got a plaque but I'm living with my pop, pop
So I got glock and a low jack
You kinda fast for that fella in class who used to draw
And never said much
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Andre 3000: A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)

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Andre 3000: A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)
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Andre 3000: A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)

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