Andre Nickatina: Dowutigotta

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Andre Nickatina: Dowutigotta

Yeah, from my homies in jail, in the game to remain
It bring a tear to my eye, when thinkin' what we all became
I put it on the table when it came to my family
The expression on my face don't mean that I'm angry
I seen so many thangs, don't know what to expect
And there'll be thangs that your weatherman couldn't predict

Your world shift everyday, switch, things could get hectic
A single incident can change your whole perspective
...(?) life, roll dice, and continue to ...(?)
Move fast, ain't no time to wait for funk to settle
I'm at my prime, in order there's a time and place
A night, escape, look deep into my mind state
Homies roll aimless, the attitude we hold is contagious
Yet you can't blame us on how tight the game iz
Laced is how we do the beat, or rollin' through the street
Handle business, pullin' all nightas, and losin' sleep

Do what I gotta do...

"Hey, I'mma holla at y'all later, I'ma get at you
I just gotta handle sumthin' real quick"

Do what I gotta do...
I'm out and about bouncin', makin' it all count when I
Do what I gotta do...
And I'm doin' it now because there'll never be a later
Do what I gotta do...
Cuz life's so hard with no paper

Ever since my homie Joe died
he turned to his side and left the world (with) closed eyez
Everythang got crucial, made it look easy, done perfectly, no lie
Handle'n those(?), and emergency times
No other dreams seemed bigger than chase
you could tell it by the look on all my homie's face
Ignore distractions
Baby complainin' that I'm a player
she can die with me now and she can live with me later
In life, that's how I put it in the land of the crooked
Give me anythang, I'ma break it down and jerk(?) it
Into a grime, combine it with a fresh rhyme
Gotta do it now (why?) there'll never be a next time

Baby, gotta do what I gotta do
It's all true, prepare for the scare cuz anythang could fall through
When there's no money and mean(?) muggin' cuz you're so hungry
In the game, high and relyin' on nobody

I'm straight pro, give me a beat and I bust it
And I'm out makin' moves, just me and my cousin
It's all family, helpin' each other throughout the struggle
We build a corporation, on years of hustle
Now we

Do what I gotta do...
Stay alive in these times and write rhymes through hard times
Do what I gotta do...
I'm out and about bouncin', makin' it all count when I
Do what I gotta do...
Doin' it now because there'll never be a later
Do what I gotta do...
Cuz life's so hard with no paper

It's like 286 on a 747, I've never been so close to heaven
A natural high, the best way to describe
When you arrive, worldwide, with innocent eyez for the first time
You'll turn back, recognize the beauty
Accept responsibility, realize the duty

I'm gettin' looney when I wanna
and handlin' my business like there's no tomorrow
I'm on a daily schedule, way too deep in it to let it go
I bring out the little things like a telescope
I gotta find my prize and go behind, no more stayin' on my mind
Like my momma all the time
Sayin' to get mine, parkin'(?) a low price
Pay dues, (what?) it's like I've been rappin' my whole life

Precise is precision, seen through one's vision
Carry the crown, king, and everyone will listen
I'm here to play my part, just play your position
Provide my whole heart, forget recognition

It's time, we all go beyond a situation and waitin'
I'm way too tired to be patient
Runnin' around and heart pacin'
Under the ground, the studio still creatin'
We makin' it through, and everything I've done and do for the crew
And always kept it true,
To do what I gotta do...

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Andre Nickatina: Dowutigotta

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Andre Nickatina: Dowutigotta

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