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Ani DiFranco: Forest For the Trees

you wander into the forest
following that shiny red ball
and by the time you looked up
you were lost, that's not all
instead of being the hero boy
he finds his way and emerges a man
you just start cutting me down tree by tree
as fast as you can
oh say can you see me
oh say can you see me
oh say can you see me
over here, over here
you want me to tell you a story
but I am weary of entertaining
I'll have more to say when I'm happy
'course then I'll have less to say
'cause there's no me left for me
no anecdotal term of ? here
no wild adventures, except in darkness
so dark, I'd rather not say
oh say can you see me
oh say can you see me
oh say can you see me
over here, over here, over here
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Ani DiFranco: Forest For the Trees

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Ani DiFranco: Forest For the Trees
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Ani DiFranco: Forest For the Trees

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