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Annihilator: Wicked Mystic

Alice In Hell
Wicked Mystic
"Hatred in its personified form surely is the devil itself. Those who are weak
are easily controlled by this emotion so destructive and overpowering. The
capacity to hate lies dormant in each one of us and when in full force, it
changes who we are, as if by possession."

All throughout the centuries, existing year to year
Lives on this powerful entity to thrive on pain and fear
A derelict of heavenly gods, a feeling from within
Weakened minds are perfect prey, corrosion will begin

Some won't fight, the battle is forsaken
Show no might, the dark side has awakened

Even in the holiest the curious can be found
Their wonderment is dangerous as virtue is but bound
Moral codes, broken
What's the sin that lurks within, the burning emotion of hatred

Some won't fight, the battle is forsaken
Show no might, the dark side has awakened

Wicked mystic

Hatred lurks in all of us, no one is exempt
It's proof of evil in our souls, is this the tempter's intent
A derelict of heavenly gods, a feeling from within
Weak minds are perfect prey for corrosion to begin

Some won't fight, the battle is forsaken
Show no might, the dark side has awakened

Wicked mystic
Wicked mystic, mystic
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Annihilator: Wicked Mystic

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Annihilator: Wicked Mystic
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Annihilator: Wicked Mystic

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