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Anointed: Us

On my own I'm weak
On my own I need
A little hang now and then
Just to tunnel me through
Another mountain
On my own I stumble
On my own I crumble
Beneath the weight of worries
Beneath the skies of trouble
Raining over me
But then you come like the morning
Turning my world with a touch

Can't nothing come against us
As long as we're together
There's no table we can't turn
There's no problem we can't weather
As a matter of fact
And a matter of trust
We have nothing to fear
As long, as long, as long as we have us

On my own I struggle
On my own I'm not able
Without someone like you
Just to carry me through
Another valley
On my own I'm nothing
On my own I'm just wandering
Without a purpose or goal
Down a lonely road
Thats never ending
Until your faith in me
Gave me a reason to believe


We can make it
We can make it through anything
If we don't let change break us apart, apart, apart
I'll be that one and only friend
That you can sure depend upon

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Anointed: Us

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Anointed: Us
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Anointed: Us

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