ArrDee: Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

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ArrDee: Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

Ah, ah ArrDee, ArrDee
Ey, ah

They don't wanna see you shine
'Cause they see you shine, but don't see you grind
I was 14 with weed and a line
Cah didn't have p but I needed a dime
Told mandem I wouldn't leave them behind
If I ever get there, got the team in the ride
Then I see set' man creep on the sly
I don't need to remind them, I've been on their mind
Still feeding the guys
Whenever I can cah they've been with me from the start
Know how it feels when you've been on your arse
Can't believe they're labelling me as a plant
Got me conflicted
Cah that means in the scene all they're seeing is Ardz
Great, but trust me, you see what I want you to see
And you never saw me on the graft
Never saw mumzy leaving the yard cah we couldn't pay rent with a tear in her eye
Never saw me tryna network, get a set, merk
But they didn't wanna see little guy
I was in colly when I first met Bigz, we were beefing he'd argued with me all the time
'Cause he told me that I could get big
In the place I was in, couldn't see to the light
Now it's tunnel vision
Roll to the shubz with the boys and I leave with a dozen women
Placed in the game, are you fuckin' kidding?
I had to tell Karl I was gonna kill it
He's my manager
I think it's because of the calibre
Way I came in the scene, straight damager
I'm leavin' no crumbs, I'm a scavenger
I wasn't badding up boys, I was wrapping up
Anyone I'm in the room with, I had to be better than them
That's the mindset that I work with, I started working late, never wrap up at 10
I was sleeping in the studio way before kudos, back don't need patting from them
That's why I laugh when I see that they're talkin'
As long as they're talkin', I'm happy and blessed

This ain't checkers it's chess
I can't settle and rest
I rap better when vexed
So keep pissing me off and let's check how it gets
Yes, this ain't checkers it's chess
I'm one steppin' ahead
They can't step in my head
They can't pressure and test 'cause I'm better than them

And I don't think they like it
Your girl scrolls through her TikTok, hears me and then get's excited
You ain't gotta fear me, I ain't gonna wife it
I'm on no Johnny and piping
You're on some Bonnie & Clyde shit
We ain't the same, get left in the mist
I was stressed in the bits
No cheque I could give to my mum, now I'm repping the bits, lit
How they gonna call me a label boy, 'cause I ain't bad and don't play with toys?
Hear bare noise 'cause I'm making noise
And you're pissed off they don't wanna play your boy
But his flows whack so that statement's void
In the party, he stands in the corner, no sauce, and he can't draw none
How you gonna rap when you can't even talk up?
I ain't one for the drama
I stay smiley, bro stays behind me, and he's far from marga
I still tell man "nah, bruv, the dumb shit ain't worth it"
From the car to the top and the boy still ain't scratched the surface
I was riding around in a stolen Škoda, pissed off that it weren't working
Four man deep and a few beanies
But the steering fucked so we kept on swerving
He got the weed, he got the white and b, and he got the phone-line twerking
Meanwhile, me, I'm just driving drunk with all the girls tryna try shit on
What, you can't see I'm drivin' hun?
She said, "I don't mind 'cause you're nice and fun"
It was only right I blew in the car I was grinding from
Now in the night, I ain't driving drunk
I phone my guy like "driver, come"
Quickly slide to a lighties drum
I'm a sweet boy, I'll even vibe with mum when I'm into the yard
I ain't in the for long-run, I'm in and I'm gone, bless

This ain't checkers it's chess
I can't settle and rest
I rap better when vexed
So keep pissing me off and let's check how it gets
Yes, this ain't checkers it's chess
I'm one steppin' ahead
They can't step in my head
They can't pressure and test 'cause I'm better than them

Ah, ah, ArrDee, ArrDee
Ah, ah, ah, ArrDee, ArrDee
1-6, 1-6

Ah, pain
Jester made this
The flip side of the coin
Bigz baby

So here's the part of it that ain't nobody talk about
You build your line and do your walk about
And Liz ain't gettin' cash in, but she's catting, so she'll fork it out
No, I ain't cussing the hustle, I come to talk about
The flip side of the coin, I'm here to make a point, let's talk it out
You come from struggle and you're trappin' out to fill your fridge, I get it
You feel like it weren't your choice, you had to deal with it
Lizzy got a story too, different kinda feeling
Liz could never really cope, so she smokin' buj, I'll take you back though
Lizzy's home was cold
Both her parents, Lizzy didn't know
An 8-year old should have her mother at the minimum to hold
She got bullied at her school, so as she grew, she didn't go
She's on the road so young, and no-one cares so no-one knows
Smokin' skunk while her brains developing
11 and she's always high, her pain she couldn't settle with
Vulnerable little girl, but she front it with her medicine
The only man she talks to is her dealer, and he meddles with her mental
Nuttin' in this world's coincidental
There's a reason why they call, as a trapper you ain't got a choice
Course they're gonna answer, if they want it, what's with all the noise?
But Liz ain't got one either, difference is tho, Liz ain't got a voice
She's scared
Her mummy didn't love her and her daddy didn't care
And her foster parents beat her and fucked her, it isn't fair
In that place emotions ain't gonna save you
So in the end it made her numb, she was done, ah
She's older now and Liz is more than just a stoner now
A Rizla and a rock is all she's got, she's a lonely child
15-years old she's got a pal, she think she knows her well
Met her on the roads, she was homeless, she's the one that got her on it
And Lizzy saw it as a favour, donny saw it as a profit
Me, I saw it as a self fulfilling prophecy
You see, my city means a lot to me
But crackheads ain't got access to nuttin' here but the rock they need
Lizzy's mate just got a home
The environment ain't safe for a girl who's 18-years old, but she ain't thinkin' that
She saw her mate slappin' her veins and she was feelin' sad
So Lizzy tried it too, she's on the B now, watch her sink and that
The bando stinks and Lizzy's life, she's on an injured ..
And as a trapper you're focused on you, so you're just thinkin' cash
Liz came short and don was furious, gave Liz a slap
"I always do you deals, you take the piss, you better bring me that!"
She's sharing needles now, too afraid to call again
Isn't eating food, don't wash herself, to live is torturing Liz
She started bugging on the road, all the runners took the piss
They're filming her on Snapchat, and Liz is crying but she's biss'ed out
She couldn't talk but got her quid's out
Kitty gave her more, he took the score, and then he dipped out
Liz is on the floor, she ain't walkin' to the crib now
The police called her a whore and said "there's kids about, you sick cow!"
You see a nitty, but to me, I see a little girl
Who ain't deserved the life she got, 0 chance in this written world
She found a needle 'round, she fill it up and flick it out
Everybody see her but ignore her, they ain't lookin' down
She put the dodgy needle all under her skin, pushed it in and knew she fucked it up
Thinking this is it, Liz died petrified
You build your line in hopes to better life, I get it
But there's two sides to that coin, I have to emphasize

Ah, ArrDee, Daily Duppy
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Autor tekstu: ArrDee
Data dodania: 2023-01-26
Tekst dodał: Rappppp
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ArrDee: Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

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ArrDee: Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

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ArrDee: Daily Duppy (feat. GRM Daily)

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