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Arsenal: The Coming

Big bang, once upon a goddamn
Making it up like a preacher when the preacher had a plan
Believe in the stories, never ask me how I know
Fucking the facts with a seemen full of flow

Long time ago in an abstract land, where I was all covered in fur
Till the Lord came down with his holy frown and said:
"I'm gonna show you how I mad you."
Well I didn't get it, at the moment, and before I knew it, I owned it,
A couple of keys, vertical body, dirty words and a cool head.
Now all I needed was a girl, all I needed was a girl and a bed

So I said: Good God, give me something I can rip,
Cause if you don't, gonna split, gonna leave the sinking ship.'
He laughed at me and my mutinous tone,
Cause he could finally get some opposition.
And then he, he let me get mine, and then the word fine'
Was uttered, by many a lip way across time.
And it was my time to shine.
Making mankind at the start of the line with her.
Mira Loca got a beat in the head
Got to make it to a bed, so I can find out what makes you tick
I guess it's deep inside you, through a god given rip,
Kinda like my boy outside, the one who's riming with.. LICK!!!

Got to get the world and put some love in it
Got to get the girl to let me up in it
Got to get the dudes to quit being rude, and lay it down
When we are coming, coming down your way

Leaders of the new world,
Put it away before we borrow it the bad way.
Wait till you meet my girl
She's taking your rockets, pointy and long, flip m around
Tickle her bong, while she's saving the world.

And me, I whipe my teeth with it
The way you call the way things go
Cause I made the world when I decided to know
What to know, watch it glow, let it be blown.

And sorry for the murder, but that's how words work
Making it bigger than it is like Wordsworth
Feeding you like food, to a pool of Zulus
Singing the blues, sippin' the booze, taking a bloodbath.

And if you're doing the math
I'm up at my own path
This is the new blues
This kind of madness is bliss.

Got to get the world and put some love in it
Got to get the girl to let me up in it
Got to get the dudes to quit being rude, and lay it down
When we are coming, coming down your way
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Arsenal: The Coming

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Arsenal: The Coming
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Arsenal: The Coming

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