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Artifact: Lower da Boom

Hey man, try some of this
It's absolutely dynamic
Oh yea, shit
A lot of cats put down grass man
Like uh, uhh, because they say things about it
Like it makes you, lose your memory and all that
Well I just wanna say that uhh, uhh
I forget where I was man
Ohh, okay cut, Freddy, Freddy stop
Boom Skwad in the house
I lower da boom when I do the cypher dance
With naps and saggy pants as I romance the plants
I take puffs on stuff, rough enough to give a buzz
To my 'cuz even though he don't touch the stuff
See this blunt in my front, some say might stink
But yo the skunk helps me think
I'm a boom smoker joker with the knack because I'm gifted
Some say misfit, but fuck it let's get lifted
I get a box of 50, get nifty with a spliff G
And tick tackle new jacks who tried to diss me
I walk through the rain for dimes at the sess spot
Not hot with cops, 'cause I'd hate to get popped
I'm a terror to a trey bag, son, you'll soon see
But I gots to get higher, lower the boom G
Lower da boom, you got to lower da boom
Where the brothers puff the ism and the smoke clouds the room
Spark that blunt, represent don't front
We got what you want, it's the indo funk
Ahh, I just catch the fumes so I consume
Bend the room, with the duplicate tune
Spark another L for the cypher
Sit back and light the five inch adventure that's alright
Lower the boom for the sess bags thicker
One's a flight to Phillie, while the other one's the liquor
Off to the weed spot, the bag's better be fat
Or else you catch the speed knot and Holmes, you don't need that
Spark the indo or the L, sniff the weed
But I never get splits mista 'cause Tame's been hip ta
The baby of the blunts, so I'm down to catch the contact
Here's the rap chat, it's a fact that I react
Smooth from the boom consumed a zoom, zoom a zoomin'
MC El, the leaner cleaner thoughts dials tune-in
Into the matter roll the blunt, bunt batter
Pass the shit quick, don't flip with the chit chatter
I never puckered once, my lungs got jammed
My man said it wouldn't kill, but I choke, goddamn
The sess starts to cloud the room
The Artifacts, commences ta, lower the boom
Lower da boom, you got to lower da boom
Where the brothers puff the ism and the smoke clouds the room
Spark that blunt, represent don't front
We got what you want, it's the indo funk
Ohh, I hope I live to see the day they make it legal
So all the people can see what I'm smokin' ain't evil
Stop callin' me a pusher 'cause I take pulls and take tokes
Cut snakes, cut breaks and I hate fake folks
So pass the cheeba, senorita 'cause I need a
Fat fuckin' Phillie just before I funk a freaker
Creatin' from the milk crate with hooks and riffs
I can lift 'em and shift 'em makin' jams like this
With the blunt in my left hand and the Phillie in my pocket
MC El, at my right, with the mic so I can rock it
Sess makes my eyes red, but shades only cost three bills
In Hooter ville, so I'm chill
See the bigger the blunt, is how I feel about my indo
Because my moms would never throw my shit out the window
I puff herb 'til noon, chill and watch cartoons
Yes once again, I lowered the boom
Are you weeded? Nope see, I'm doper for the session
Catchin' wreck, check the tec 'cause I'm sober for the sketch
If I'm caught smokin' blunts, I catch a bad one from my clan, see
I'm higher than a Messiah so you know I'm handy dandy
Legalize it Holmes 'cause the zone's gettin' bigger
From the whites to the Ricans 'cause they learned it from the niggaz
So who's the first to kick it real for the cypher?
Eight Phillies so you know you gots to pass the other lighter
Pass the incense gents, it smells out in the hall
My groupies think I'm stunnin' 'cause I'm six feet tall
No need for the sheepa cheeba cleaner than Beaver Cleaver
Though I'm down to pitch, with my skit like Tom Seaver
Either or my jaw speak of true features
I must be, the freaker of this doper class teacher
So pass the Visine, so you can keep your eyes clean
Look to Looney Tunes, we lowered the boom
Lower da boom, you got to lower da boom
Where the brothers puff the ism and the smoke clouds the room
Spark that blunt, represent don't front
We got what you want, it's the indo funk
Lower da boom, you got to lower da boom
Where the brothers puff the ism and the smoke clouds the room
Spark that blunt, represent don't front
We got what you want, it's the indo funk
Lower da boom, spark that blunt
Lower da boom, ya got to lower da boom
Spark that blunt, represent don't front
I just wanna say that, ahh
A lot of you cats, that don't think
Marijuana should be legalized
Well, you're all fucked, cut
Lower da boom
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Artifact: Lower da Boom

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Artifact: Lower da Boom
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Artifact: Lower da Boom

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