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Azealia Banks: Desperado

You know what it is, it's Hot 97
My name is Peter Rosenberg, and,
We're gonna get to some new music right now
This is a record called "Desperado"
Okay, by my girl, Azealia Banks
Man, I've been waiting for Azealia Banks
Waiting for Azealia Banks
Waiting for Azealia Banks

Up's and ups, seductive pup
Flux - did a dip, pack up then strut
Up’s nigga, w-what’s up nigga?
With that buck, can i get that rompin’?
Mutts in tux, deluxe and such
I be in the mirror lookin' Luxe N Plush
Looks and such, seductive strut
I be Aquafizzy or that Passion Punch
Or the Fashions Munch, but the fabric’s lush
You don't get the access; none
Spun him on my axis - Sun
Hit him with the hazard, hun
Denim and a satin rump
Blend it with the carrot blush
Plus I got the cash and the bass have you spazzin' some
Come get your limps in bum
Dinner with the princess one
Printed in expensive funds

That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!

I be pretty, prissy, plenty plush and stuff
You be piggy-pissy, penny-crushed and crunched
Crust and dust, slumped and jumped
Queen scissor-cut suit, other's not trump
Giddy up, this buck - titty tuck, no such
I be freaky frizzy in the front and such
You be very sleazy lady-lump hip-strut
Betty-bump this bun, parump-pun-dun

That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
Hey, yo!

We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed
Please, check the number, and dial again
And dial again
And dial again
And dial again

Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!
That's how I do my thing!
Hey, yo!

Hit 'em with that acid tongue
Venom in that Python Pump
Bet he hunt this hun
Here the huntress come
Get amongst this one
If the freaky function fun
I could be the perfect one
Splurgin' on the purchase
Mergin' on the purpose, won
When the verse is spun, I'ma Hertz this
Can't-can't rehearse this, none

This is 147th street
This is 167th
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Azealia Banks: Desperado

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Azealia Banks: Desperado
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Azealia Banks: Desperado

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