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Baasch: Dare To Take (feat. Mary Komasa)

i could stand behind you
i could stick around
I could disappear but
always coming back

I could integrate you
I could make you strobe
I could civilize what
you’re so hungry for

leave it /2x
Or dare to take
give it /2x
the second chance
lick it /2x
and check the taste
love me /2x

I could get you treatment
I could be your med
I could disinfest you
when you’re feeling hurt

I could educate you
oi could you trust
I could mind your language
when you talk about love
Autor tekstu: Baasch
Dodane przez: urwipołć

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Baasch: Dare To Take (feat. Mary Komasa)

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Baasch: Dare To Take (feat. Mary Komasa)
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Baasch: Dare To Take (feat. Mary Komasa)

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