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Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Blue Collar

Walk your street and I'll walk mine
And should we meet? Would you spare me some time?
'Cause you should see my world
Meet my kind, before you judge our minds
Blue collar
Sleep your sleep, I'm awake and alive
I keep late hours, your nine to five
So I would like you know
I need the quiet hours to create in this world of mine
Blue collar
I'd like you to know at four in the morning
Things are coming mine, all I've seen, all I've done
And those I hope to find
I'd like to remind you at four in the morning
My world is very still
The air is fresh under diamond skies makes me glad to be alive
You keep that beat and I keep time
Your restless face is no longer mine
I rest my feet, while the world's in heat
And I wish that you could do the same
Blue collar
Blue collar
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Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Blue Collar

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Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Blue Collar
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Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Blue Collar

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