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Backseat Goodbye: Easy Lie

What if the sun fell from the sky
would you run or try and catch it with those hands you like to write with
say you're pretty let's get fucked up and waste the night away
i've got the time if you don't well just pretend you do
'cause yeah it's good to be kind
and yeah i love being right
but sometimes wrong turns can lead you to city lights
easy is as easy does
we're the kids that no one loves
but we're doing just fine
we've got tomorrow and our lovely lies
give us a kiss, we'll make a list
of the things we've seen
and when we get back
you can tell them but they won't believe
i don't know if you remember
the words or the way we used to spend the days
well if you do, just keep 'em to you
'cause i don't need them anymore
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Backseat Goodbye: Easy Lie

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Backseat Goodbye: Easy Lie
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Backseat Goodbye: Easy Lie

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