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Bad Company: When We Made Love

Ooh yeah, standin' there
A shadow in the hall
I'm hopin' that it might be you
But it wasn't anyone at all
I can still remember
The way things were
If I could only bring you back
Then I wouldn't need to say a word
Ooh when we made love
It felt so strong, I remember
We were so much in love
Where did our love go wrong?
Ooh remembering
The things we used to say
The memories are drifting by
But the pain is here to stay
And it is no illusion
I'm a lock without a key
I'm only livin' half a life
Without you here with me
Ooh when we made love
A love that felt so strong, I still remember
We were so deep in love
Ooh, ooh where did our love go wrong?
I can feel every touch again
As real as it is crazy
And I kiss every kiss again
So tender they amaze me
I live through the end again
Feeling like I'm dying
Ooh and then I touch my cheek
Realize I'm crying
When we made love
Ooh a love so strong and I remember
We were so deep in love
So tell me, where did our love go wrong?
Oh yeah when we made love
Ooh when we belong together
It's those nights I'm dreaming of
They'll stay with me, they'll last forever
Ooh when we made love
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Bad Company: When We Made Love

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Bad Company: When We Made Love
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Bad Company: When We Made Love

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