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Baez Joan: Steal Across The Border

Baez Joan
Play Me Backwards
Steal Across The Border
(by Ron Davies)

Kneeling in the moonlight, gazing on the shore, the girl with the blue bouquet
What if you got it, what you're praying for? Careful what you pray

You turn around, the old way is gone, you wonder how you will carry on
All my pride I will lay aside, I will steal across the border for you

Lying in the dusty shadows of your bed, dreaming on a clear blue sky
Paying for something that you never even did, victim of a time gone by

You turn around, everything has changed, familiar scenes have been rearranged
All my life I will work and strive, I will steal across the border for you
All my pride I will lay aside, I will steal across the border for you.
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Baez Joan: Steal Across The Border

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Baez Joan: Steal Across The Border
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Baez Joan: Steal Across The Border

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