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Baizura Ning: Baby Please

Baizura Ning
Baby Please

Baby please... now give in to me, won't you
Baby please can't I say that you're mine now?
Make a stand to the master plan cause darlin
I'll never ever leave you, can't you see how much I care?


I wait all night for you, I fall asleep by the phone
And just to hear your voice, when can I be with you alone
Cause nothing seems to matter when I am close to you
I look into your eyes see my future shining through

I want to make you smile, I hold you all night
And do sweet things for you, no one can love you oh so right
Nothing seems to matter, my heart belongs to you
Eternally I love you, promise I'll be true to you

[repeat hook x 1]


The search is over now, just let our hearts beat as one
Please baby dance with me, the sentiments won't come undone
You know there isn't nothing that I won't do for you
I'd climb the highest mountain, fly you to the moon

Now give me just one chance, a lifetime full of romance
That's how we'll live life through, so overjoyed you know the truth
The love that I will give you is unconditional
Now realize your feelings, let them come undone

[repeat chorus x 1]

[hook 2]

Baby please... hear me, can't you see, won't you
Baby please... let me love you forever
Never leave, need you close to me, because darling
A sweeter love than this, no one else could but compare

[rap x 8 bars]

[repeat chorus 1 & 2 till fade]
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Baizura Ning: Baby Please

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Baizura Ning: Baby Please
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Baizura Ning: Baby Please

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