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Bamboozled: 2045 Radical Man

How can a non-musician discuss
The future of music
From anything other than
A consumer point of view?
These few people make decisions
For the bulk of us
Without consulting any of us
Sales and distributions of our futures, uh
If this world were fair and right
They'd give up the car keys this very night
Damn, hit it
Two, three, four, five, six, seven
Flash forward, 2045
What did you stand
For in the life of your pride
When faced with
The final judgment of today
Couldn't profit from the game
That you and your niggas play
Radical man, save the life
Come on take a stand
Give that money back
Let's make a plan
The brand new currency
Taking care of one another
You and me
Radical man
Flash backwards, 1999
(Backwards, 1999)
In a world shot full of profit, see
(Tell me)
How'd y'all stay alive?
(Everyone of y'all)
Depending on this, 'So called man'
For everything you got comes from his hand
Food, water, the clothes you wear
How many of y'all niggas really care?
To care
(To care)
Let's define this word nigga
(Define, define)
Someone who stays high
Watching their life go by
(By, by)
Someone content with riding behind
(Ride that)
They come in all colors
White, black, Puerto Rican
Is that the main niggas
We're speakin' about?
Wear suits and buy
And sell corporations
With only one thing in mind
(Only one thing in mind, break it up)
That is the destruction
Of the so-called Radical man by 2045
(Let's get radical)
(Let's get radical)
Watch me now
School's in the yard, digital games
When the war broke out we called your name
(What's your name?)
Everyone of color put on the front line
Holocaust Avenue, 2009

Get an education, good job who says?
Fool with the gold rush drinkin' Alize
Hey don't play lotta rules that's makin' no sense today
You got your own line, so you think it's okay
(It's not okay)
Telling themselves lies, Mos Def say
Where you gonna stay, nigga?
(Where you gonna stay nigga?)
(Oh my God, it's the Green Mile)
What's up y'all?
What y'all wanna do?
(Talkin' 'bout a Radical man)
Ain't nobody ever lay crew no?
I could really run that computer, make it flow
(Flow, flow, flow, flow, flow)
If you ain't born with it
(Radical man)
Talkin' 'bout the two and four, hit me
Wait up
What George say
Fall around
Alright, oh
We play Miles Davis
Not Michelangelo
We playin' D-flat in the funk
You better act like you know
We don't care, whatever Einstein did
I'd rather know, rather know
How to be a better man
Hey, James Brown, Chuck D. and Jimmy
Turn me up louder now
I don't think y'all hear me
(They don't hear ya)
2045, we will stay alive
(Everybody now)
The flow is out of site
And the whole pop scenario
Is just nothin' but a dream
(A bad dream)
The day you will wake is the day
You get the real cream, nigga
Radical man
(Radical man)
Who got the gift? Who got the plan?
Oh, radical man
(Radical man)
Who got the plan? Who got the plan?
This is the funk the industry most fears
Artists getting together
In a locker board of directors
I don't think so
Nobody's running this
Let's talk about DNA
The radical man
Where will you be in 2045?
30 million people right now
Are being wiped off
The face of the planet by disease
They claim they have no cure
In the matter of a blinking eye
All of us right now can testify
Take a stand, radical man
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Bamboozled: 2045 Radical Man

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Bamboozled: 2045 Radical Man
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Bamboozled: 2045 Radical Man

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