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Barnabas: Stormclouds

Turned on my radio, to listen for awhile
But the junk they play gets worse every day
Flipped on the tv, hoping for a smile
Until I felt my brain begin to decay

Unborn children murdered by the millions
Sacrificed so mom can run free
Shattered victims scattered through the wreckage
Picking through what once used to be

As the stormclouds roll from the crest of Mount Zion
Who will turn away and be saved?

Captured spirits, bloodied on the inside
Languishing in chains they can't see
Hopeless captives, clawing at their bindings
Running from the one with the key

Foolish dreamers, trusting in tomorrow
Counting on what never can be
A lying promise dangles in their faces
"Take the mark and walk away free"

Holy Saviour, murdered by the masses
Sacrificed so man could go free
Patient Father, waiting for the harvest
Reaching out for you and for me

And when the good news shimmers in the spotlight
Freedom finds a home on the stage
So come and join us; your life won't last forever
Its over with the turn of a page

As the stormclouds roll from the quest of Mount Zion
Will you turn away and be saved?
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Barnabas: Stormclouds

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Barnabas: Stormclouds
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Barnabas: Stormclouds

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