Beatles: Another Beatles Christmas Record

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Beatles: Another Beatles Christmas Record

(All): (Singing) Jingle bells...

(P): Hello, everybody, this is Paul, and I'd just like to thank you all for buying our records during the past year. We know you've been buying 'em because the sales have been very good, you see. Don't know where we'd be without you, really though.

(J): In the army, perhaps.

(P): Oh, we hope you've enjoyed listening to the records as much as we've enjoyed melting them - No, no, no, that's worng. - making them. We're in No. 2 studio at the moment, at EMI, taping this little message for you.

(J): Yes, we are.

(P): We are indeed. I just thought I'd make that... This is the same studio we've used all along - since the old days of "Love Me Do" - many years ago it seems, doesn't it?

(J): Ah, those were the days ...

(P): Well, that's about all, I think. Except, to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very New Year! Now I'll pass you over to John. John!

(J): John. John speakin'. Thanks all of you who bought me book. Thank you folks for buying it. It was very handy. And there's another one out pretty soon, it says here. Hope you buy that, too. It'll be the usual rubbish but it won't cost much. You see, that's the bargain we're going to strike up. I write them in my spare time, it says here. It's been a busy year ....

(P): Did you write this yourself?

(J): No! It's somebody's bad handwriter. It's been a busy year Beatle peadles, one way and another. But it's been a great year, too. You fans have seen to that. Page 2. Thanks a lot folks and a hap-py, ah, Christmas and a merry goo-year. Crimble maybe. And I'll hand you to George who will speak to you - now!

(G): Thank you John. Thank you. Hi there! I'd like to thank all of you for going to see the film. 'spect a lot of you saw it more than once.

(R): I did.

(G): Did you? So did I. Thanks anyway. 'Cause it makes us very pleased, ya know. We had a quiet time making it. Actually, we didn't. We had a great time making it. And we're glad it turned out okay. The next one should be completely different. We start shooting it in February. This time it's gonna be in color.

(J): Green.

(G): It'll be a big laugh we hope. (Ha ha ha!) Well, we ... Big laugh, ha ha ha, yeah, it'll be a big laugh.

(J): Be a big laugh, you imagine?

(G): And we may see all of you soon. Hope so anyway. All the best. And, happy New Year. And a Happy Christmas. And here's Ringo.

(R): Thanks, Geroge. Ringo here. Well, the others have thanked you for all the discs and John's book and for everything - oh, no - for enjoying the film. I'd like to thank you just for being fans. It's been a funny year, you know. One minute we're in England, next, we're away. 'spect you're wondering where we've been. Well, Beatle people, we've been to Australia and America and New (Who's dropping that?) New Zealand. And Australia.

(P): And New Zealand.

(R): Ha ha! Or is that New Zealand?

(P): So much travelling! But you've stayed loyal, haven't you?

(R): Anyway, those airport receptions knocked us out, man, great!

(J): Dig!

(R): Well, that's about it from me. I'd just like to say, all the best for Christmas and happy new year.

(All) (Singing):
Oh, can you wash your father's shirt,
Can you wash it clean?
Oh, can you wash your father's shirt,
Can you wash it clean?
Oh, can you wash your father's shirt,
Can you wash it clean? Oo

Christmas! (Happy Christmas, everybody!)
Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas! Yeah!
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!

(J): Christmas!

(P): Happy Christmas!

(All): Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas! Chrismas!
Happy Christmas!
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Beatles: Another Beatles Christmas Record

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Beatles: Another Beatles Christmas Record

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Beatles: Another Beatles Christmas Record

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