Big Tuck: U Niggaz Can't Do

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Big Tuck

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Big Tuck: U Niggaz Can't Do

Yeah this is our year (for real)
Big Tuck, Fat B (it go down) go getter, yeah

(Hook - 2x)
You niggaz can't do what we do, you niggaz can't ball like we ball
You niggaz can't crawl like we crawl, our rims stand taller than y'all
We ride with screens installed, haters we shining on y'all
We can't even shop at the mall, we get attacked at the mall

(Fat B.)
I'm in this game like fuck the fame, a nigga gotta make that change
I had to put on my chain, cause I'm so hot I hurt the same
You niggaz can't do like we do, you niggaz can't ball like we ball
I'm droppin my top and I'm flippin my screen, and I'm poppin my trunk at the mall

(Big Tuck)
You know who it is, that nigga that sell in Brazil
A nigga with a license to kill, and bitch I kill at will
You see that we got the game chilled, platinum grills 24 inch wheels
Now haters head for the hills, bitch we fight over bills

(Fat B.)
For real my niggaz we smoking that kill, and packing that steel
We making them bills, y'all acting at skills say look at that Lac on the hill
We grind and that's fa sho, out the malls we pulling dro
Piece and chain be full of glow, all our shows be full of hoes fa sho

(Big Tuck)
Fa sho we moving on go, got pounds and pounds of dro
Big Tuck and Fat through the do', a team that scramble for do'
For checks we scramble for eight, watch out for phonies and fakes
Gallons got hung with a H, got rid of fakes you're late

(Hook - 2x)

(Big Tuck)
You know where to place us, on top first placers
Put them Fake-obs, go get you a Jacob
V-12's don't race us, house more spacious
Style bodacious, I'm triple to the glaciers
Man they hate us, mink coats and Gators
Skills made us, rap game invaders
Fuck free pay us, get respect like mayors
Diamonds like layers, Fat they can't fade us

(Fat B.)
I'm tired of working wood, too many splinters in my hand
Steering wheel turn white, I got voice command
Hoes in V.I.P., like to play truth or dare
Y'all look like ants, because we move by air
Watch that there, did I make myself clear
Screens lit up in the roof, we call 'em chandeliers
I hit the shower, fresh and clean for a hour
Hopped out Versacci walk, Tuck mixing up that powder

(Hook - 2x)

(Big Tuck)
Haters fuck you, reach out and touch you

(Fat B.)
We'll rush you, fleet you hunt you

(Big Tuck)
This what we do, lay low delete you

(Fat B.)
Like E with his funky liquor ass, eat you

(Big Tuck)
We on some mo' shit, get fat grip shit

(Fat B.)
Fuck that bitch shit, flip bricks hit licks

(Big Tuck)
Trying to stunt bitch, we got what you got times six

(Fat B.)
Fat and Tuck, with this T-Town rhyme skit

(Big Tuck)
We amaze cats race track, glass packs

(Fat B.)
Purple haze sacks, blaze that pass that

(Big Tuck)
House so big, trying to find where I parked at

(Fat B.)
Hey spark that, your memory might come back

(Big Tuck)
When we speak too, diamonds we'll rush you

(Fat B.)
And it's crushed too, make you say ha-choo

(Big Tuck)
Raps stay tight, like anacondas do

(Fat B.)
Mics we like to chew, just like paranas do

(Big Tuck)
You niggaz gon recognize us, this how we do Fat B. and Tuck

(Fat B.)
Ride glass out on that buck, on 24's cause that's what's up

(Big Tuck)
Talking down step ya game up, yeah change your game up

(Fat B.)
Candy paint the frame up, stacking chips like Amus

(Big Tuck)
I'll-be-damned if these niggaz ain't real, yes sir we give 'em something to feel

(Fat B.)
Like En Vogue that's on the real, like T with a blindfold for the shining grill

(Big Tuck)
We underground and we bout a mill, it took a week to shoot how I live

(Fat B.)
That's the real we showing skills, not over night invested years

Yeah that's what's up, Fat and Tuck
This our year T-Town Music, you know I'm saying
I wanna let y'all boys know,
Big Tuck radio it will be free
I know y'all thinking we been bullshitting with the radio station
But it's finna go down, straight up
Chat rooms, information on shit, check me out at

Man this our god damn year, got too much shit going down
Look out for all the upcoming albums coming out
Look out for the Lil' Ronnie, look out for the Double T "The Pimp Man"
You know I'm saying, look out for the DVD
It just a whole bunch of shit, we finna bust you hoes upside the head with
For real Tuck and roll, yeah
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Big Tuck: U Niggaz Can't Do

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Big Tuck: U Niggaz Can't Do

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Big Tuck: U Niggaz Can't Do

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