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Black Moon: Freestyle

See that shit right here
Feel that nigga Buckshot
Listen this is the realest muthafuckin herb
This is called Freestyle
For all you niggas that ain't even clear up on this shit
Don't know what's goin now
Listen close, this is called a freestyle

A lot of niggas are jealous of Buckshot (say what?)
I hear it everyday on my block
I heard you did a album with 2Pac
Yeah muthafucka, thugadon till I drop
And what not, watch the spot get blown
Two heads flown, can't stop me now muthafucka
I'm in the zone
Baby you ready to go home, cuz I'm ready to bone
The don king of rap sittin on the throne
Juice truck, who's that? that's Buck
Representin N.Y.C., nigga, it got to be
Ben Frank, small but I got tall money in the bank
Strong arm them niggas with shanks
You better thank God, muthafucka, times is hard
Real niggas know shit stink


All my jewels cost a arm and a leg
Smoke shit right to the head
Nuff said, I'mma speak this
Loud voice, no choice muthafucka
I'mma break a meter, even if the sound don't come thru
I give it to you in a form a liquid you can drink too, think too
Got a mink too, platinum too
Buck is like a tank, and I'mma flat them too
Get that bitch talk, I put a cap in her too
Put the gat inside her mouth and put a gap in her too
What the dilly yo? I'm in it for the women and the profit
I just can't stop it
Don't knock it, I'm addicted to the Freestyle
Just like a drug, Buck the B.D. Thug bust slugs
Nigga what?
You get two to your dove, fuckin wit this nigga
I ain't no joke


Buck's no joke, I'm like smoke
Here I come creepin thru the door
Seepin thru ya pore, make you do your chores
Buck Buck smoke the spliff, dumb the ash muthafucka
Get ya clean the floor
See I gotta explore the mic, can't ignore the mic
Gotta be on tour with the mic
Rollin up the black from dust to dust
Buck is like a burner, cock back and bust
Four clip, ready for the bullshit
As soon as the target's on sight, nigga pull shit
Don't wait, aim straight, point it at his plate
If he die it's fates, if it don't wait
Nigga's don't know, Buckshot rock don status nigga
I'm a C.E.O. with the mickey flow and yo
Fuck around and get freaky wit ya main ho
At my show, nigga what
You get two straight to your guns, you didnt know Buck was the shit
I ain't the one to fuck with
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Black Moon: Freestyle

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Black Moon: Freestyle
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Black Moon: Freestyle

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