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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: If I Could Teach The World

Why do I stay high [x9]

[Chorus: Bone Thugs x2]

If I could teach the world (whole wide world)
to be a thug-n-harmony (harmony)
Then I would teach the world(whole wide world)
to be a thugsta just like me (like me)

How many mo days on this old earth can you see
It's a crime to me
So we should get ready for armageddon
cause I know God should be ready to roll
to go through all of the wicked shit like mr. police-man
and duck if you want to pump ya fist in tha air
and pray for the politicians freely; get a amen?
The last days of the last days

Thats why I get high, that's why I get high
I'm holdin on to my soul
but nobody knows when it all unfolds
then when I don't go
remember the days cause I all I got
I go on my own with BONE
BONE BONE muggin runnin through your door
hoes speakin of the last day its on with the plastic trial
What do you know but I can't go wrong
when I kick it wit my song
I turn it up
crossroads what rules the world
enough to make it where we almost lost those
who meant so much why wasn't I chose?
But it will not stop BONE
Those shots don't drop BONE
nooooooo no
If I could teach the world to be a thug like me
Everybody thuggin in heaven eternally

Everyday the world goes round and round
I see it's a small world after all
cause I can go met n agree with my fans
smoke a little weed and have a little laugh at chall
but everynow and then I gets caught up in a playa hation
Lord what's wrong with the nation, erase em'
but if I could teach the world to be a thug just like me
You could live your lifestyle worry free
in the arms of the Lord eternally
No mystery, but check the essence of the story
The warrior wasteland warrior so true divine
It's mine, east 19-99
It's where ya find'in all of my kind, everytime


(if I, if I)
We steadily united, not farly divided
My thugsters the tightest
As good as I got it, they don't need to find us
Us killer and fighters, cuz the critics n writers
mixed up when they typed up our story
The wannabe warrior, that's for sure
and as thugs we're more and more

I got, we got too much shit to give, got shit to give
Expensive but still and still it's all for the little kids
come on ohhhh follow me (BONE), way to go, we know the way to go
follow me follow me BONE
and that's why I stay high cause I got shit to deal with
the government and these playa-hataz out to kill Wish
Wanna hurt this but uhuh
I got two mo thug niggaz you just cant fuck with
Artillery you can come with
Nigga betta let it rest shit (shit)
To the little boys and girls all over the world
the shit that we say is from the streets not for you to go and do
uh or to repeat, plaese if we can no more murder
how must I say this, if we can no more murder


Why do I stay high [x10]
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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: If I Could Teach The World

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: If I Could Teach The World
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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: If I Could Teach The World

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