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Busta Rhymes: C`mon all my niggas

YoAll my niggas in the placeWhat nowTalk to my bitchesAll up in the place
See my niggasThey be laying all up in the cut nowAnyhowI'ma doing my thing
And blow the spot babyMaybe bust a little nut now
Funny how the older bitches get familiar
And try to give a nigga just a little butt nowSing along
(Smoke now, nigga get high)And get all in this money nigga(Before we die)
Bitches let me know that you up in the spot(Whoop whoop wooo)
All of my niggas just shout it at me (Yeah yo)Even though it's kind of ill
Nigga follow the flowNigga wanna know where we shineTry'na ball and glow
Watch for the sound roundWhen I swallow the doughI'ma do it to ya
Like I never did it beforeNow let me give it to you(Flipmode Squad baby)
Now what the fuck y'all niggas wanna know about the(God baby)Ha
Then I jump right out of the whipAnd I park itMy pinky gleam
Like a motha fuckin' third of the AntarcticEverybody get wild in the spot
All my niggas just pile in the spotIt's such a shame
Somebody might just lose they child in the skyC'mon all my niggas C'mon (What)
My niggas that be reppin' with me (What)
My niggas that be holding me down (Ha hooo)And high steppin' with me (What)
C'mon all my bitches C'mon (What)My bitches that be reppin' with me (What)
My bitches that be holding me down (Whoop whoop woo)And high steppin' withNow
Tell me what you niggas really wanna doC'mon now (Excuse me)We coming through
C'mon nowHit you with the brand newWhen I'm bumpingYou don't need to ask who
Nigga please (C'mon now)Where the trees (C'mon now)ShitWhen I'm bouncing
And hit you with the flowThen I make you just act a foolOne two (One two)
Wild like another mad niggaTo be ready to back it tooHere we go (Here we go)
A lot of motha fuckasThey ain't even got a clueC'mon now
Let me school y'all niggas permanentlyLike a motha fuckin' tattooC'mon now
Hey (Hey)Hey (Hey)You know you shouldn't (Try it)My nigga
Before we do shit to (Start up a riot)Everytime we come through
All the bitches shout (Whoop whoop woo)
All of my niggas shine if you ready (Yeah yeah)Let me blow for a fewNigga C'mon
Bounce in the streetWith the heat stashed under the seat
In a Range that's blue nigga (C'mon)Cats like you be searching the crib
All the weakling niggas in your crew nigga (C'mon)
Everytime a nigga come step in the spot
Y'all niggas know we come to blow the venue nigga (C'mon)But wait
Guess what (Guess what)Flipmode to the rescue nigga (C'mon)Y'all (Y'all)
Know (Know)When we put it downNiggas really wanna blow this shit (Shit)
It's (It's)Like I got a grenade in my hand
And you know I wanna throw this shit (Yo)Everybody get stuck in the spot
You don't really give a fuck in the spotBetter watch your whip
Because they might just tow your truck from the spot
C'mon all my niggas C'mon (What)My niggas that be reppin' with me (What)
My niggas that be holding me down (Ha hooo)And high steppin' with me (What)
C'mon all my bitches C'mon (What)My bitches that be reppin' with me (What)
My bitches that be holding me down (Whoop whoop woo)And high steppin' with me
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Busta Rhymes: C`mon all my niggas

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Busta Rhymes: C`mon all my niggas
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Busta Rhymes: C`mon all my niggas

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