Candiria: Pull

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Candiria: Pull


the means of worldwide infection
a gesture of illicit excursions
no sign of the defenses
militant advertising
raping deep with the gift of persuasion
an act of desperation


a tradition
based on intimidation
of destruction
maul the opposition
an illusion
of democracy
no conclusion
long live the legacy


irritate the masses
like asbestos in the lungs
reduce my flesh to plastic
the needle hits the vein
advance decline
the visual narcotic
preys in sequence
parading in the essence of demons
one by one
rise of the political hoodlum
brainwash residue
your neck in the revolving noose


trapped in the depths of illusion
trembling so violently
division in the family
domestic casualties
degrees of manipulation
post fetal position
monopolize on the ignorant
serenade the mysteries
of the genetic stimulants
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Candiria: Pull

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Candiria: Pull

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Candiria: Pull

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