Caroline Rose: Miami

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Caroline Rose

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Caroline Rose: Miami

I woke up on the hour
When she came out of the shower
I went down on her
Golden sunlight through the curtains
Rooster in the street
Bienvenidos a Miami
But she wouldn't touch me
And hadn't for weeks

I wish I could collect all of the
Subtle rejections
Wrap them all up in a bow
Say thank you nice to know you
I loved all of our time
Maybe I'll see you down the line
You know you never knew my worth
Honestly neither did I

All the beautiful people in a beautiful place in a beautiful room
I guess I'm the strange one who’s just taking up space and blocking the view

My mom always said
"Never victimize yourself
You've got to be strong
You've got to protect yourself"

"Y’know, your father and I
Are in the last stage of our lives
So for god's sake no more talk of
How you imagine dying"

I say this all the time, Ma
But I’m really doing fine, Ma
I'm mean you know sometimes, Ma
Life is just plain trying, Ma

Just because I'm brooding
And wanna kill everything moving
It doesn't mean I'm losing my marbles
I'm just moody

Clean up all the memories
Sweep the bad under the rug
Put the good inside a coffer
I wish I knew anything
‘Cuz even at my best
I don't know why I even bother

This is the hard part
The part that they don't tell you about
There is the art of loving
This is the art of forgetting how

This is gonna break you
You're gonna rip your own heart out
There is the art of loving
This is the art of forgetting how

This is the art of forgetting how

You've gotta get through this life somehow
Autor tekstu: Caroline Rose
Data dodania: 2023-01-20
Tekst dodał: AndyG

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Caroline Rose: Miami

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Caroline Rose: Miami

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Caroline Rose: Miami

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