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Casual: Get Off It

Fear Itself
Get Off It

Hah, ay youknowhati'msayin
Hieroglyphics in here... forever
Hah hah!

Verse one:

Aiyyo peep it, the back breakin mack takin titles
Vital to the right i'll make men ache when
They try to step, but charlatans are within
The range of danger, which keeps me callin
Friends i meets more fake fools than real ones
But it takes clues and hits to make moves with sense
And since i'm-a rhy-mer, i need to take time to
Give niggaz reminders
Who's the best, confuse the rest
Abuse crews with the news they paid dues to my death
The defter, slept on, long enough
So now i pissed the stronger stuff
And break out a bomb to puff
Wrong! you can't hit, i lit it
Get it, nope, because you, counter-feited, dope
I hate fake guys and you make eyes follow with you
Hollow tips through, your hand, you're left dead

Chorus: repeat 2x

Get off it, i know you know i know you're on it (3x)
Get off it, i know you know, i know you know

Verse two:

Hip-hip hooray! dip skip away from the forte
Of freshness nuff skills impresses the west is
All up to my ingenuity, you will be
Comparing, to the rare men, we're aware when
Daring situations get your face in
Your crew's areas, so you move gregarious
Whatever you rhyme you do shit that's putrid
And noisome, so why voice em, crew's get
Beaten until inanity
Hieroglyphics can it be
We're the best in the planet g
Wiz niggaz are jealous
But i fight what you bend with teeth
So you can see if you can dig the g-r-o-o-v-e-s
Cause we be fresh
For cypher a few the sneak-iest
When kids wanna fade me, great
But behold i got seoul like the olympics in eighty-eight
So ladies wait for the coming of the he-men
You're on my nuts or that's how it's se-men
The mastermind is never apprehended
I screw the ruler, to fool the joker, and going up
Like the smoke of a phattie, add me
To the shitlist, cause i be that
I know you see that, we phat
Livin larger than life
I be the zenith, clean with, mean stuff
Taking charge of the stifiling
Oppressing the dop-est in the sector
Respect the, dope rhyme wrecker
Hope i'm cleanin, when you think you're seein
A massy josh b got the beat like rodney
So king me, cuz i jumped ya
This is how i checkah, foe
Hit even the pecker, yo
Getting to respect the, bro
L-i-f-n-i-c you now know

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Casual: Get Off It

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Casual: Get Off It
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Casual: Get Off It

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