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CC Catch: Cause You Are Young

CC Catch
Cause You Are Young
Heartache, heartache, heart was gold
All it had you instant cold
Lonely, lonely wasted years
You're a winner with bad souvenirs
You're a hero, you're a man
You're a winner, take my hand

'cause you are young
You will always be so strong
Hold on tight to your dreams, hold on
You are right, don't give up
(Baby, baby, baby)
'cause you are young
You are right and you are wrong
You are a hero, next day you're done
So hold on to your dreams

All or nothing you can give
Live your life, love to live
Oh man, oh man, feel the night
Strong enough till the morning light
You're a hero, you're a man
You're too tough to lose this game
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CC Catch: Cause You Are Young

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CC Catch: Cause You Are Young
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CC Catch: Cause You Are Young

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