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Ceaser: Visions of Mars

Visions of Mars
Well talk about the other side
Oh it's not so pretty
Release a modest sigh
Always took it out on me

Let me persuade you now
This could be my chance to
Look up our alien friends
This would be the perfect time

And then you would be the only man
Who walked on mars, on mars, on mars
You'll have craters, and real life space invaders
On your mind, yeah

If all this stuff is not enough
Just not enough to give it up
I'll be a volunteer
Make me, make, make me, make me come along

I'm ready, I'll sign up for a holiday on mars, on mars
We'll have craters and real life space invaders on our minds

Well this could be an alibi, you need sleep and I can fly
I could even change a fuse and it makes me happy to be used
You've got visions I've got mine
We will have a real good time
Never took it out on you
Make me, make me, make me, go with you

I'm ready, I'll sign up for a holiday on mars, on mars, on mars
We'll have craters, and real life space invaders on our minds

Seems so wasted, it's an occupying raincheck for your heart
We'll have craters, and real life space invaders on our minds, our minds
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Ceaser: Visions of Mars

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Ceaser: Visions of Mars
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Ceaser: Visions of Mars

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