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CeCe Winans: King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder)

CeCe Winans
King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder)
King of kings and lord of lords
lover of my soul Jehova
one and only god I am
Jesus Christ the holy lamb

Thy truth reaches the clouds
Your mercy never runs out
we give you honor
be thou exalted above the heavens and above the earth
I give all glory unto your name


Hills melt in your presence
and your foes tremble at your
awsome power
I will rejoyce now and forever cause you are mine
so gracious and so divine


He's a wonder, He's a wonder
He's a wonder, He's a wonder
He's a wonder, He's a wonder
he's a mighty god

So good, so good
He's been, so good
My god, Our god
Has been, so good
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CeCe Winans: King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder)

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CeCe Winans: King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder)
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CeCe Winans: King Of Kings ( Hes a Wonder)

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