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Cee-Lo Green: Scrap Metal (With Big Rube)

It's the real...
Hip hop... hey...

(Big Rube)
As I lay motionless
Wondering why we so emotionally emotionless (scrap metal)
My focus is not to be the brunt of the joke in this (scrap metal)
Still played so I'm still a toy
You still afraid so I'm still a boy (something for you haters)
But as my soul this (something for you haters)
Seen many-a solstices and plenty-a equinoxes
Some if any think we equal not cause God does, but cause laws force them
But what are laws if you don't enforce them?
Unless you get it on tape
It's more suspense and mystery than a Presidio tape
Investigation more cartoon than a kid video tape
It's civil liberties rape, in Statue of Liberty shape
The American offense make you watch for the headfake
Well down with Sam I ain't
Three seconds in this paint will make any outside shooter faint
Wait for you to blink
So when you wake up and can't wake up, you know exactly who to thank

(Hook - Cee-Lo)
Oh yes I'm sure, yes I'm sure
I don't care anymore
Anything, anywhere, anytime, any place
Let's do this shit and get it over with
I'll run a boxcutter 'cross your face
I got niggaz here, I got niggaz there
Ready to get down if I make the call
I don't give a f**k if your problem is big or small
Almost anyday I could say f**k it all - f**k it all!

Having dealings with skill
My skill, never have to kill
F**k dead 'em in your grill
Yeah f**k nigga for real
With a posse a-standing along
Me and my nina raw chrome
Bucking straight at your dome
Ain't stoppin till the bullets gone
On that bull, cross no killa
Lay no shit round no steala
Stop touchin, my nigga I'll kill ya
And Jesus can't even hear ya
+Thrill+ ya, like Michael Jackson

Acting when the time for action
Shell gun click out my back and
Cee-Lo he strapped with a Mac-10


Something for you haters... (and imitators)
Something for you haters... (and purpetrators)
It's the real... hip hop... hey...
Something for you haters... (any imitators)
Something for you haters... (and purpetrators)
It's the real... hip hop... hey...

See my words would be believeable, believeable but brief
I would even show you my teeth
You wouldn't even know that you had any beef
But actually I'm angry about it and I haven't had any sleep
Because of one little disrespect, it ultimately do the domino effect
Boy don't you know that I could sit with my back to you
and still have my gat to you, so natural
Close my eyes and breathe in, do that to you
And as far as anyone that's after you heh
The same goes for anyone that run up in your name
I hate ya...


From the feet, the beat, the gat on the seat
And that shouldn't surprise you, oh I've sold some pies to
Each any every stone, since I'm obviously on
Says fifty to six-five thousand's been blown
I am something to see, yet I'm nothing to touch
I'll kill ya bout nothing, cause nothing's too much
I'll put the barrel to your baby momma belly and squeeze off two
So the world won't have to deal with another f**k nigga like you
I hate ya...


Something for you haters... (and imitators)
Something for you haters... (and purpetrators)
It's the real... hey...
Something for you haters... (and imitators)
Something for you haters... (and purpetrators)
It's the real... hey... REVENGE!
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Cee-Lo Green: Scrap Metal (With Big Rube)

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Cee-Lo Green: Scrap Metal (With Big Rube)
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Cee-Lo Green: Scrap Metal (With Big Rube)

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