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Celine Dion: I Feel Too Much

I just wanted you to talk to me
But baby you captured my heart so easy
And I know love, baby when I see it
Boy when you're near me that's the feeling I get
It's pure emotion inside of me
And all I know is I feel
Too much, too much baby all I do is think
About you night and day I feel too
Too much, too much baby don't let go 'cause
It's my heart you're taking
The spell that I'm under I can't undo
But baby I wonder do you feel it too
A classic case of infatuation
Is it possible that I feel
It's a serious connection when I look into your eyes
When you show me your affection, it's more than I realized
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Celine Dion: I Feel Too Much

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Celine Dion: I Feel Too Much
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Celine Dion: I Feel Too Much

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