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Charli Baltimore: Pimp da 1 u love

[Charli - Intro] Yo, yo Charli Baltimore Suave House, what (pimp da one you love) Yo, Untertainment yeah >From N.Y. to GA Yeah yeah This for all my ladies yo All my ladies that are pimps Right, cause we can be pimps ladies, we can be pimps Yo [Charli] From the intro, nigga had me hooked like indoe Shoulda kept my shit tight like homes with no windows But women knows Ballers, be sayin' that right shit On some layin' that pipe-shit But me, got right quick Open, still kept my feelings tight-lipped Trippin', all game was slippin' Off the hyped bit, always been the tight bitch Keep these cats in line, pay that rent on time And we'll talk about extra keys to my spot When it's extra V's in my lot, extra G's in my knots So how I managed to get damaged on 'chill with one nigga' shit I was to break me off with some more figures bitch I don't know, just caught me at the right moment Vulnerable, nigga jumped up on it With mind games, took me out of my frame I ain't even want his payback, my homey Tony Drapper He pimped for the guts and I was givin' 'em up Can't tell me I can't have any player I want And I burnt myself out tryin' to turn his ass out All he wanted was a fling and no strings Slayin' me, on some less weighin' fee One-half of his shit But when it blew up, I said fuck this rappin' shit Been sheisty all my life, and it came back It happens when your minds attached to your perfect match [Eightball] (Rodney) Charli Baltimore put it in they face (pimpin' ain't easy) Let 'em know that pimpin' ain't easy Pimp ladies and pimp fellas (pimpin' ain't easy) Gotta get the dough, no time for the jealous Charli Baltimore put it in they face (pimpin' ain't easy) Let 'em know baby, pimpin' ain't easy Pimp ladies and pimp fellas (pimpin' ain't easy) Gotta get the dough, yeah Pimp da one you love [Charli] Yo, so what now?, after all this time has past Just to find out, all along, it was just a gas I asked my best friend, my dog for advice that got me And I was twisted, haters got me Yeah, no doubt, it's a nigga and shit He was trippin' off the way I was OP off the trick He said, "Yo, you can scoop any nigga you wish" Just seperate the dick from your mind and shit Make that punk recognize how your time was spent How your time was lent, not how your mind was bent Get yourself back from that cat And rise above, only way to pimp Is to pimp the one you love Wise words, my dog got me trained right Game tight, had to stay strong and to stay tight Stay nights, with my doggie Knew he had my back till the day I made eye contact With my old boo, best friends, remember what I told you Pimpin' ain't easy, gotta play sleazy Went to his house, put it on him and bounced Fucked him with my eyes open, got him groppin' Tables turned, nigga stressed, nigga guessed He could play a player But I got schooled and fooled him Ladies let me tell you how you get it and win First shit on him and then say forget it on him, yeah [Charli - Outro] You know what I'm sayin'? All these niggas go around talkin' bout they pimps Ladies' is pimps, knwhatImsayin''? We know how to get to niggas minds With the pussy and then get they minds yo It's a mind thing, you know what I mean? Niggas runnin' around on some bullshit Ladies is takin' over Gettin' these niggas fucked up, yo I'm tellin' you The only way a lady can become a pimp Is to start with that nigga that is always under you, yo Pimp dat nigga Make that nigga work for your ass Yeah, yeah This is the words of Charli Baltimore, 98 shit You know what I'm sayin'? Untertainment, Suave Hourse Tony Drapper, T-Mix Big Dru, and I'm out.
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Charli Baltimore: Pimp da 1 u love

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Charli Baltimore: Pimp da 1 u love
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Charli Baltimore: Pimp da 1 u love

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