Chief Keef: Granny's

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Chief Keef

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Chief Keef: Granny's

I'm smoking dope feel like Lord Farquaad
I got a hunnid in my choppa
When niggas talking, shoot 'em down, blah blah
Sosa on that crazy shit, Lady Gaga
My gun go bang bang
Money machine go beep beep
I'm smoking on this Chief Keef
He got me so tree tree
Shoot a nigga deceased
Them I'ma go to D.C
And ask Obama do he see me
He said yeah 3-D
Tryna be like Jay-Z
And get the million dollar AP
20 racks in my left pocket in my right pocket 18
And fuck nigga I'm only 18
Imagine what I'ma be when Kay Kay turn 18
Ho I don't want yo cooties or ya rabies
I'm heavy artillery and need some extra 80's nd niggas [?]
Got 100 shot FN's better put 30s in yo 380s
My niggas comin' down ya block with shit we borrowed from the navy
She said ain't you Chief Keef I said yeah bitch stagely
But on the block they call me Sosa baby
Member pushin' packs I want sellin' out no bandi's
I was turnt up sellin' out my granny's

I was sellin' out my Granny's
I was sellin' out my Granny's
Sellin' out my Granny's
I was sellin' out my Granny's

What would I be without my Louies
Since I got money don't talk to me
When I ain't have money you wasn't talkin' to me
These niggas with me they sparkin' for me
Like G's, I don't fuck with no G's
Got 50 g's in my Robin jeans
Got 27 g's in my True Religion jeans
Bitch I got cheese and got lots of cheese
Had all the guns at my granny's house
Now I can buy granny a house
Member posted up on front street in front of my Granny's house
Had 300/600 front street at my Granny's house
Finna get in traffic catch a opp, we layin 'em down
My gun got the best sex, get a nigga wet wet
You smokin' on ass pack I'm smokin' on jet pack
You ain't gettin' cash boy you going through check stress
I'm off 2 flats boy feelin' like a young Batman
Bitch these Balenciaga's, I don't like Prada
I like Hermes, I don't like Ferragamo
This between me and you is that ours
Turnt up sellin' dope up out my grandmas

I was sellin' out my Granny's
I was sellin' out my Granny's
Sellin' out my Granny's
I was sellin' out my Granny's
Autor tekstu: Chief Keef
Data dodania: 2023-01-04
Tekst dodał: polandinio

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Chief Keef: Granny's

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Chief Keef: Granny's

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Chief Keef: Granny's

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