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Cypress Hill: When The Shit Goes Down

[Cypress] Born to get busy, born to get busy baby -- 2X
[Sen Dog]
I'm the the stiff and I do get nice-r
Up the pussy when we in the same party, what
We can do this bro, we can't be maxin
The figures is useless, unless we're taxin
This is a perfection and my tribe's the cash dump
Known as a musician, imitator act up
Nobody's kid brother, that means I'm up for this task
And I set out from the beginning, to kick on the scratch
Using modern technique, I place a beat in a rap
I went to learn acquire knowledge of a scholar went to college, all
Comes very handy when it comes to pushin shovin and stuff
Then ask who is he though, I'm not the sissy
I'm stiff to neutral brother, and I'm born to get busy
Let us start to freak you and we'll make you feel alright
When you come to Cypress HIll make sure that you're down with the tribe
Cause we're born to get busy, born to get busy baby
Born to get busy, born to get busy baby -- 3X
(Yeaaaahhhaaaahaha, yeah!)
[Sen Dog]
As I stroll the ever ways of the buddha masters
As I smoke my joint I feel one with the earth
But a brother like me keeps on walkin to get to the
next sign then blaze the next joint...
*short pause, then outro comes on over "Stoned" instrumental*
The, physical effects of marijuana
The first sensations may be felt instantly after having smoked grass
or an hour after having eaten
Usually, they creep slowly into this stoned condition
Inch by inch, sliding upward, but to beatnik
The effects may come upon you, suddenly, and startle you full force
(The, physical effects of marijuana)
(There are four basic types of marijuana)
Pyschologically, sometimes the early psychological stages
coincide with the early physical stages experienced while stoned
The famous "mind expansion" comes after the famous physical sensation
Grass, heightens and distorts
For example, profound revelations
You may THINK you have profound revelations, only to discover...
*music and fade obscure final words*
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Cypress Hill: When The Shit Goes Down

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Cypress Hill: When The Shit Goes Down
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Cypress Hill: When The Shit Goes Down

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