D-12: 911

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D-12: 911


Back the f**k up


The new terrors in rock (rock)
On every block (block)
Late for School, Late for Work
But ahead of these cops (cops)
My credit is shock, in the detonate box (box)
Like, people take my life and thats pathetic as Pac's (Pac's)
A waste of the talent, Say my boys is just no where
Placed on the planet, remain in poisonous warfare
Derelict Arabic terrorists in the air,
shit arrogant apparent to punish people by their heritage,
Nato marriage, Hate embarrassed
There is the faith to cherish
In your room face to face with race awareness
A race to sheriff to army bombin' your God is with you
Calm over war, we gotta start our pistol
Cause if you right and, know you right, then where's your righteous ways
We sacrifice, snatch your life, many nights and days
Follow me into equality we might behave
And only Christ can say the trife will reunite again


America Owns, Without a f**king care in my dome,
Bearin' my bones, so far away staring at home,
Stay at my zone, falling asleep late with my chrome,
Feelin' hype from these rockets burning like straightenin' in the cones,
Stay at the streets, bullshit and plans to beef,
Spray at your peeps for christmas, give a K to my neice,
Real nigga's feel us and fear us,
Gorillaz beat on they chest when,
Dangerous lyricist, I hope that you hear us,
The spirit of Bugz is still in me,
God bless it the trinity,
Cause my bullets they come in three's like trilogy's,
Put the knife away, missiles always strike and blaze,
So much smoke you can't tell the difference between night and day,
Right away blow your life away, so light your haze,
Hold tight grenades so when it blows I'm slightly grazed,
Kuniva might be crazed unleashin' unlikely rage,
The next time you hear a verse from me I might be caged.

(Chorus) Terry Hall
*Arabic Chanting*


Everynight I talk to a black hawk, taking heroin in bulks
Watch my body hit the chalks
I'm too lazy, mescaline got's me crazy
Rape this old lady, while the bitch was having a baby
And I ain't never going home, Bizarre's too far gone
This cold got's me for ciphered, right from wrong
As I sit in my seat and remain calm, and close my eyes and wait for the bomb.
(Here it comes!)

*Airplane Blows Up*


I'm gettin' the f**k on, I'm aggravated
I know I'll make it, Im in a place full of hatred,
Treatin' my life like a sayyid,
Try to check me, I break your neck,
Disrespect me you get injected,
It's hectic with some bullshit that happen,
You least expected,
We just don't accept it nigga,
I go ahead, lift my trigger,
Get rid of bitches, pay you a visit, then get your shit lit
I'm a nitwit with a big dick, and big balls
I don't miss shit
I hit all, whoever that did this,
We Gonna Getch'all.

(Kon Artis)

Yo, yo
Now whether its Saddam or Bin Laden thats been startin all this trouble for us,
Creepin horrors doin show after show, sleepin on the tour bus
We lost Aaliyah, lost our families, takes no tinues
You dont need us to say the world is f**ked up God can see it
Now it seems the public needs this shit to calm these kids
'cause they findin out how you lied about your twisted sins
They say we bad for you but shit our music is your friend
They cant deter you from the truth cause we the helping hand.

(Terry Hall)

We are one, and one is all,
We are, We are one
And one is all...

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D-12: 911

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D-12: 911

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D-12: 911

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