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Danger Doom: Basket Case

(Harvey Birdman)
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all lived through the 70's
The clothes, the music, the heartwarming but rarely amusing Ziggy cartoons
Now, later, who are we to look at these two, fine young men
and say, "You there - I sit in judgment of you!"

(MF Doom)
For being a drunken lush, and bad as hell
Read the charge and thunk, sunk in in a plush padded cell
Temperpedic Craftmatic adjustable
Go on try to stare at it, it's not that combustible
I accidentally split some kerosene
And dozed off with the L lit, doped up on thorazine
Matter of fact, make mines a double
Few could see the point like a line through the Hubble
Doom hit the eye in the sky with a pie
Shrink said he thinks he believe he could fly
Spread his wings and flap like a goose
He'll show you how to do it if you help him get the straps loose
Diagnosed as shell shocked from totin toast
And still could hear the bells rock Doc, another loading dose
He claimed he couldn't take the racket
Faked his own escape in a eightball straight jacket

(Myron Reducto)
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury
This, animal, here; this ursine fellow
He rejected society and retreated
to a cave in the woods to plot his vile - NOD!

(unknown quote)
And it isn't true that at these times
he often descends into a delusional state
Sometimes actually adopting another person's persona?

(MF Doom)
I started punchin once I saw son lungin
He had me put on punishment for eating the last Munchkin
So now they got me down here near the dungeon
Nurses all arguin' over who's to do the spongin
He requested time off for bugged behavior
And rhymed off of thug beats bumped by a neighbor
Who spoke with his fist and kept a mirror with a thumbhole
Cell twelve drumroll, ode to a gum sole
A O.G. like a captain that's retired
Rappers is space cadets yappin be quiet
And that's an order - ship your daughters to my quarters at once
And don't sip the tap water dunce
He is the super, a stranger who talks to you
Maybe even offer tech support and walk you through
Villain, man in the mask, spit in the face
Show him where to go, inside a hand basket case

(Myron Reducto)
The defendant's confession!

(Harvey Birdman)
Uhh, nothing further

(Mentok the Mindtaker)
Mentok commands you to procede, with your case!

(MF Doom)
Just since some people, wear a mask
Don't mean.. they.. did nothing automatically

(Harvey Birdman)
Now wait a second!
Your Honor I'd respectfully like to have a word with you in chambers

(MF Doom)
I request an immediate dismissal, on the grounds...
On grounds that... {*laughter is heard*}

(Harvey Birdman)
Your honor I...

(MF Doom)
Just as the mask, some people wear a mask
Don't mean that they did something {*more laughter*}
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Danger Doom: Basket Case

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Danger Doom: Basket Case
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Danger Doom: Basket Case

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