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Sevendust: Deathstar

Walkin tall you stand up all alone
With hand and fist I stand up for my own
The only - thing you're gonna do is fall
So watch your shit you think you own it all

(not knowing I) got my grip on you
(it's time to show me)
What's up inside you that makes you click for

Hate - you'll never find a way to stop me
What makes you click for hate
You left me with no choice in comin
(watch how I blow through you)

I'll take the blame that's all you have to give
So keep your shame and hide it from the
Ones you lied to go wipe your face and start to crawl
And if you get up I'll be there and you'll (start falling)

(I) got my grip on you
(why don't you show me)
What's up inside you that makes you click for


(watch how I blow through you)
You can't stop me
(I will never fall)
You show me
Nothing at all (nothing at all)

I got my grip on you
(look on the inside)
Blame is all you have to give
(you never told me)
What's up inside you that makes you click for hate
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Sevendust: Deathstar

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Sevendust: Deathstar
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Sevendust: Deathstar

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