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Kurupt: Deep Dishes

It's Gotti Bin Laden
It's Gotti Bin Laden

They say I'm the evil one
Gotti Adolf Hitler..


You niggaz aint nuthin but bitches/
i roll down the streets with the homies on deep dishes/
Crack niggaz like plates and dishes/
authentic, malicious, vicious, parana fishes Muthaphukka/
Eat a fat dick/
You and every single nigga that you fuck with/
You stole my shit/
My style, my name, and the way that i bang/

Verse 1:

Think just because you got diamonds you niggaz is shynin'/
Your diamonds aint bigger than Simon's muthaphukka/
I'm preparing to pump fear, and I'm fearless as fuck/
The Count Armani Crystal Young Gotti Kurupt/
Knockin' cinder block sections outta cars and trucks/
I'm back and never left, i came and never leave/
I see bustas now-a-days wearin flags and chucks/
Actin' like they bang, lookin like fags in chucks/
They turned bangin to a gimmick, nigguh its the truth/
U dont wear kahkis with Timberland boots, or Air force ones/
Juss Cortez and Chucks, u copy-cat punks/
The thunda's official on California Soil/
Made him mass destruction and termoil/
You aint got weapons of mass destruction on you/
And ima make u leak like gallons of oil/

(Chorus) :

Verse 2:

Think just because you got diamonds you niggaz is shynin'/
Ya diamonds will get muthaphukkas to firin'/
I'm tired of watchin BET/
And all i really see is imataions of me/
And everything that we used to be/
They used to say we couldnt Gang Bang on TV/
But now-a-days thats all i see/
Nigga im Pharatic in a G'd up fashion/
With a passion for dumpin' and blastin'/
A terrorist nigguh/
The most wanted Gotti Bin Laden for ridin'/
Homicidal vibes is the object/
My objective strategic selective/
I'm back home nigga so mark off your sections/
I got all bad news/
Make niggaz move, Relocate to a different state/
I get shit dumpin' like muthaphukkin Austrailian Kangaroos/
I got all the tools/
>From the homies that Crippin' nigga to P1RU's/
I'm the fire fly nigga/
Ima show what happens when 5 fly nigga/
Nigga i aint no bitch/
And ima tell you bitch niggaz just like this Nigga/



So what you know about rollin' these streets so deep/
Juss G to a T nigga rollin on 3's/
What you know about Gang Bangin' nigga/
Or are you just imatating Gang Bangin' nigga/
Some of these niggaz might go for it/
20 others just sit back and ignore it/
But not us from the Roll Muthaphukka/
gotta let u bitch niggaz know muthaphukka/
We Ride these Streets/
All... Weeks/
Hood than a muthaphukka/
Bangin these streets/
What you know about us/
What about you nigga/
We dont know about you /
What u really wanna what you wanna Really bout to do../

(Chorus) x2

Talk :

Muthaphukka, Every nigga you rolled wit
Every nigga you fuck wit nigga
Its Gotti Bin Laden, Gotti Adolf Hitler, Nigguh Paul Vitti Stalone, Ne Ohafa, The Juggaknot, Hannibal the 8th, Gotti Vorhees nigguh, Fuck Yall KURUPT ! Sukka ass niggas, yeah Def Row... ( FADE )
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Kurupt: Deep Dishes

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Kurupt: Deep Dishes
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Kurupt: Deep Dishes

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