Deep Puddle Dynamics: C. Purpose

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Deep Puddle Dynamics

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Deep Puddle Dynamics: C. Purpose

"i tippy-toe across your dream each night,
so as not to wake you."

odd mannerisms, strictly cultured,
with a compilation contorted jigsaw puzzle.
these shoes were made to tip-toe through and leave a mark,
this is the starting point for all my future works.
before deep puddle, i was a bead of inspiration,
now i get an iceberg slim human piano slash orchestra.
playing myself for all my favorite enemas,
everything cons, study, and miniscule minds,
take the time to be a better part.


that voice, that voice is my constant awakening on the hour,
every hour i spring to a 90 degree angle in a cold sweat,
returning to that not so comfortable self-esteem, it's next to nothing.
non-existent security tugs at my soul
and makes me think more about my self-worth.
i splash water on my face to try and wash away my disconnections.
this infection is killing me slowly,
slip back in my slumber only to hear it once again.


awoken to self, chokin' a bad dream,
no vaccine but to stare and breathe the air.
vision the pattern to listen to my woes,
and i suppose to burst reaction 'til the thirst for answers.
lanterns and lightbulbs, cycles to cover
the odors of lost lovers' aromas.
hang loose like the coma induced,
produce seduction and found my true function.


sole, alias, and slug:
multiple personalities, a four-headed beast,
caught in between a brief freedom release.
as lost as your cause, walking through water and walls,
until we crash and desolve and martyr our flaws.

it ain't all love, it's confusion and a waste of time.

it ain't all love, it's confusion and a waste of time.

it ain't all love, it's confusion and a waste of time.

sole, alias, and slug:
it ain't all love, it's confusion and a waste of time.

it ain't all time, it's confusion and a waste of love.

it ain't all waste, it's confusion and some time to love.

it ain't all confusion, it's love and some time to waste.

dose one:
it ain't all's all of the above...
so...scared into this, and you are,
and you wonder from the shores how deep the puddle is. wet...
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Deep Puddle Dynamics: C. Purpose

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Deep Puddle Dynamics: C. Purpose

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Deep Puddle Dynamics: C. Purpose

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