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Gerald Levert: Definition Of A Man

I don't know think that uh you should go
through the change that you do
I want to change things for the better

He don't deserve your kind of love
like the kind of guys like me need don't
get enough of
hanging out late with his friends
always in your pockets spending you ends
What I wouldn't do to be in his shoes
he goes out his way to misuse you
don't take much to share responsibilities
he don't even care what kind of man is he

You give him everything
but get nothing in return
whatever you need just teach me
I ain't afraid to learn no

Ill care for you be there for you I'll
share with you
I'll undersatnd I'll be your friend
that's my definition of a man
I'll care for you be there for you I'll
share with you
I'll undersatnd I'll be your friend
that's my definition of a man

You don't seem like you're satisfied
he said that he changed but you know he lied
I never been one to have a PHD
cause I don't want nobody player hating on me
I know a good thing when I see one
I look in your eyes girl I see the sun
girl let him go while you're ahead
I should be the one sleeping in your bed baby


See baby you should neve have to wear the same
thing twice
I'll buy you everything you like
I'll go to the wall for you
spend my last dime at the mall for you baby
go downtown in more ways than one
see a good mans job a good mans job
is never never never never never
never never never done baby


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Gerald Levert: Definition Of A Man

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Gerald Levert: Definition Of A Man
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Gerald Levert: Definition Of A Man

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