Do Or Die: Higher Ft/Kanye West

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Do Or Die

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Do Or Die: Higher Ft/Kanye West

(AK 47)
Yo Kanye, blow dat hook, you ah genius boy

(Kanye West)
Now when you hear this song you know it's on (Babygirl)
when you hear this song you know it's on
when you hear this song you know it's on
I swear your lovin got me so high I'm gone

(Belo Zero)
Me and you babygirl like best friends
let me hit you when I get the notion
on I-55 you and I
Let's ride hit the motion
some say she freaky freaky
let me guess your lidro needa
I'm hittin through the back and curves
hell, they sell the herb

Now open up your mind to this concept
then you take one step
straight from the feelin of a wordsmith
thats the herb shit
up on my 22 spins
in my baby blue benz
girls say dat boys ben actin up
but thats the way he is

(AK 47)
You lokkin good when you steppin out a centerfold
tell me when I reach a pen to hold
let me hit u wit this dime in the street game
let a motherf**ker go yeah u know it
so now let me sugarcoat it
It's like im on that tight herb
and when I pull t the curb it's like, it's like

(Kanye West)
Your my latest, and my geatest
my latest, my greatest

(AK 47)
when I'm layin in the back of my 745
with my lips on you
spittin good game
with the hustler grain
gettin brained like a hustler should
hustler would
and you know when I hear the stuff
I'm still tryin to hear this love what that do
It's like that baby when I mix it up baby gurl u jus got me sprung
what that do

Oh yes she's one of the best
as i touch this is past tense I'm hurtin
lurkin searchin for the virgin
but when my babygurl it's workin
let me know whats that you smokin
from the hands as I stick my tounge in
then from the back but she want an autograph
but still we sexin'

(Belo Zero)
Open back up last time
as I spit a little dough in my mind
she jus like one of a kind
no c's no stand in her hind
shes jus like me rappin a line
perfect let me drop in a dime
I'm on a roll again
I'm bought to blow again
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Do Or Die: Higher Ft/Kanye West

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Do Or Die: Higher Ft/Kanye West

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Do Or Die: Higher Ft/Kanye West

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