Drowning Fish: Brain Freeze

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Drowning Fish

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Drowning Fish: Brain Freeze

I try to talk, but my tongue turns numb
I walk, but begin to fall down
This feeling I have for you
Oh there's nothing that I could do
A plan runs round in my head
For us to at least be friends
I want to speak my mind
But I'm worried, would you mind

If angelic baby
If I may say
You're the most lovely
No I can't say that!

One day comes as one day goes by
Still can't locate the nerve that makes a smile
I get worked up and swear next time
But when I see you, I change my mind

All day long, your thought bombards my brain
This daydreaming is costing me my grade
Why can't I just walk up to you
Like so many other guys do
And say

Angelic baby
May I say
Your eyes are like the skies stars
No that sounds so lame!

If only
You felt the same
Well maybe someday
Maybe someday

For now I'll
Just sit here and dream
My whole life away
As I pull out my hair
Dreaming of you
Thinking of me

The thought was beautiful
The thought was fun
But now I realize the dream is gone
A cruel cruel scheme love pulled on me

Oh naïve heart
I let you lead
And now you're crushed and suffering
I should have know
I'm so sorry
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Drowning Fish: Brain Freeze

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Drowning Fish: Brain Freeze

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Drowning Fish: Brain Freeze

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