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Duncan Sheik: Hymn

All the storms and oceans
All the sheltering sky
All this earth and she and I

Wait until it happens
Wait, the moment will come
Wait, but all those are already one

And she asks me
How many sunrises
Will we watch from start to finish
How many will we witness?

And my answers
Are only ever surmises
Maybe a handful of times
...Before the next life

Here, we stop beneath the leaves
Here, a moment to stay
Here, a gift of pale green color
Here above her

And she asks me

How many sunrises
Will we watch from start to finish
How many will we witness?

And my answers
Are only ever surmises
Maybe a handful of times
...Before the next life

A kiss, prayer, a laugh, a song
She won't try to tell me what's right from wrong

A song, a laugh, a prayer, a kiss
She won't try to tell me I need more than this

All my answers
And all my surmises
Will never do it justice
She'll just have to trust it

We'll wait here
Until the sun rises
We'll watch from start to finish
With no one as our witness
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Duncan Sheik: Hymn

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Duncan Sheik: Hymn
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Duncan Sheik: Hymn

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