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Eartha Kitt: The Heel

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Eartha Kitt

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Eartha Kitt: The Heel

The one who has me for his own
Is on the town and I'm alone
In his blue suit and his new tie
He slams the door without goodbye
Tonight my eyes are jealous green
Tonight I'm melancholy mean
He meets in secret rendezvous
Some dame to tell his troubles to
The heel

He'll promise her most anything
A sable coat, a diamond ring
She'll find him out when its too late
And all she'll get will be the date
But while the dawn's a distant thing
In his embrace her heart will sing
A dizzy head will spin with lies
And all too soon a woman cries
The heel

The neon lights that flash below
Ignite my room with double glow
And in the gloom I hear a laugh
Its coming from his photograph
I wring my hands and mop the floor
And swear to even up the score
But where a kitten cried tonight
A panther waits to claw and bite
The heel

I dare not play my radio
One more complaint and out I go
I'm sick of playing solitaire
The ace of spades is everywhere
They'll be no sleep for me tonight
The sheep I count are never white
They all turn out to be jet black
And who's the leader of the pack
The heel

At dawn I know he'll stagger in
Demanding coffee black as sin
And as I take it from the tin
I'll slip a little powder in
He'll look at me and start to cry
And cross his heart and hope to die
And mumble I know how you feel
But I've been on a business deal
The heel

Then as the pot begins to perc.
I know my plan will never work
When he starts to drink it up
I grab his hand and break the cup
Its only jealousy I know
That brought my thinking down so low
Why must I wait for him and grieve
Why don't I just pack up and leave
The heel

But now he's reeling on the stair
I'll try to act like I don't care
For in my heart's arithmetic
I find it takes two heels to click
We're in a web of love and hate
Where it will end is up to fate
I'll let him have his little flings
I'll be the chewing gum that clings
To the heel
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Eartha Kitt: The Heel

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Eartha Kitt: The Heel

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Eartha Kitt: The Heel

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