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Eminem: I Got This Feelin

(Phone Rings)
What Up?
Yo I Can-I Can't hear you
let me call you right back


I sense someone's tapping into my phones, why do
I got this feeling in my bones, I might die soon
the F.B.I. might be tryin to pull my files soon
I might be walking, blindfold into a typhoon
I might be seeing rockets light up the night sky
right outside of the window, of my living room
and if they do
then you can say goodnight and bye bye to them iTunes
if I don't try to, record as much before I do
the plan is to have as many in the can as I can
as I stand before you in this booth a walking dead man
blank stare, dead pan
look on my face is a gaze into space
as I wait to be scooped up in that van
just mysteriously disappear into thin air
and they gon say a sniper just appeared outta nowhere
and I go down into history
as the blood suckin leech
who hid behind the freedom of speech
tried to take the fifth ammendment
use it, twist it and bend it
and ended up dying a villain out the hero's splinters
the bendest way to end this
I can feel the trim its tremendous
in remembrance of September 11th
flashback to September 7th
when Tupac was murdered in Vegas
he said that he predicted his own death
let us never forget it
should we ever live to regret it
like the day that John F. Kennedy was assasinated
in broud day by that crazed lunatic with a gun
who just happened to work in the same block
in the library book depository where
the president would go for a little friday stroll
shots fired from the Grassy knoll
but they don't know
but do they?
who's they for em to say?
tushay, we're all gonna revolve in a spook-ay
this is as bout as cook-ay as I've ever felt now
countdown a nuclear meltdown
7,6,5,4 3,2,1
you can run
you can do what you want to
but you you know you aint gonna do nothing
when its time, its your time
you are the prime target
you have become
Public enemy number one
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Eminem: I Got This Feelin

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Eminem: I Got This Feelin
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Eminem: I Got This Feelin

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