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Eyedea: Step By Step

I got a little story to tell
See it was September 1st, 1999, the day of my death
My back was on the cold concrete as I take my last breath
Saw my body laying on the ground as my soul hovered above me
Damn Eyedea you was a good lookin' cat
But anyway another day at 18 years of age
Step in heaven's gate anxious to see what God got to say
Maybe he'll give me a gift for always saying my prayers
But he might send me downstairs for last year's love affair
Well who cares
You know right now it's all a mystery
I mean I'll find out when I get there
Until then I can't let it get to me
I'm keepin' my cool
Besides everybody dies
I'll just follow the white light like the do in the movies

It seems like I was went by and I'm still travelin
Right towards the brightness
Now this ain't heaven of hell
This realm is lifeless
And I hate to say it
But this wild goose chase had me bored
No directions, no clues, no idea what I was in for
But forward I kept floating
And then a quick flash the lights split directly in half
And created a forked path
Representing each side is an angel
Now whats the task I have to untangle to meet the big man in charge I ask
And one on the right of me says one of us always lies and one that always tells the truth
Ask the right one the right question he'll direct you to heaven
If ask the wrong one son, farwell you going straight to well....
Y'all get the picture

The one on my left told me not to listen to his fibs
He said it ain't that complicated to find out where god lives
He told me to follow his path
and tell god that he said hi
Then the one on my right jumped in and told me not to believe his lies
and I'm like Jesus Fucking Christ
I didn't care much for life
But I've tried to stay alive forever if I knew this is what death was like
I was never good at problem solving especially in emergencies
I get a tad bit nervous when concerned with burning for eternity
but anyway I asked them which one lied and they pointed at each other
Thinking I'd had it I asked the name of my mother
One said he don't know the other said he know but he can't tell me
God damn this is going to be hard

So I asked 30 questions and I still wasn't sure
but being me I gave those pricks a few good words
Frustrated with it all
I turned my back to the angels and when I walked away to my surprise
I found myself in heaven

(Ya know I'm saying
Kinda just turned around from the whole situation
Rejecting everything that was going on
Thats how I walked into heaven)

I Walked away, walked away, walked straight into heaven...
I Walked away, walked away, walked straight into heaven...
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Eyedea: Step By Step

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Eyedea: Step By Step
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Eyedea: Step By Step

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