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Fad Gadget: Innocent Bystander

Wiped away the condensation
Looked down at the empty street
A girl in white - fright screaming loudly
A screwed-up nut in pursuit

I stood and watched
Frozen to the spot
I stood and watched her bruised chest and heave stop

Not more than a hundred miles from here
I could be sleeping, no more pillow fears
But now I find that I can't hide
I can't hide, I can't hide anymore

We didn't like to interfere
We're all respectable people here
Turn out the lights and continue watching
Seven stories up and conscience clear

Lying in the curb, legs bent the wrong way
Shattered glass and uniparts in the road
The ghouls on the pavement were making a feast of it
Their kids licking ice-creams and asking rude questions

I stood and watched
Eyes glued to the spot
I stood and watched the blood begin to clot

They stand and stare and anything that moves
Half naked silhouettes, net curtain viewers
But now I find that I can't hide
I can't hide, I can't hide anymore

The convoy moves closer to the scene of the disaster
Families from miles around gather here
Siren lights and Polaroids flashing in the darkness
A black box for the pilot and passengers

I stood and watched
Transfixed, cool and hot
I stood and watched burnt bodies left to rot

Not more than twenty-four hours from here
I could buy a one-way ticked and disappear
But still I find that I can't hide
I can't hide, I can't hide anymore
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Fad Gadget: Innocent Bystander

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Fad Gadget: Innocent Bystander
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Fad Gadget: Innocent Bystander

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