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Sevendust: Feed

I erased you
From my every waking memory
I replaced you
With a vision that you - won't see

Pity is a four letter word
And so is quit
(and so is left but I'm)

Right where you wanted me
Feed from the inside
Out of bitter sympathy
You want me wrong but I'm right

May I remind you
It doesn't take much time to call
Can I respect you
If a man was never there at all

Pity is a four letter word
And so is quit
(and so is left but I'm)

[CHORUS (Repeat)]
I replaced you with a vision that you - can't see

(Right where you wanted me)
Feed me from the inside
(Out of bitter sympathy)
You want me wrong but I'm
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Sevendust: Feed

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Sevendust: Feed
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Sevendust: Feed

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