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Fifty Nutz: Forever's A Long Time

Minds and spirits are going north and south
Do all of you see, hands are reaching for the truth
This is what people can talk about
Things are breaking up, and I don't understand

How we began well, we could be happy and then
Take my heart for a shelter

Doesn't help, can't get up
From now on honesty is what I need from you.

What were you mocking about in the dark for ?
Just a place he knew, a place without anger
Loneliness is appreciated
But you might clear your mind, and dream for a while

You'll get better, people won't come to you
In a hurry again

I not going to hold it in
You're stronger then I am
Call me back when your ship has sailed.
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Fifty Nutz: Forever's A Long Time

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Fifty Nutz: Forever's A Long Time
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Fifty Nutz: Forever's A Long Time

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