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Sting: Fill Her Up

Mobile station,
Where I stand
This old gas pump
In my hand.

The Boss don't like me
Face like a weasel,
All on my hands
The smell of diesel.

Here comes the big shot,
Here he comes!
From the city.
God Damn!
A V-8 engine
She runs so pretty.
Fill 'er up son
With unleaded.
I need a full tank of gas
where I'm headed
Up in the front seat
A pretty red head,
We're going to Vegas
We're gonna get wed
So fill her up son!
Don't be starin'!
Yeah that's a real diamond she be wearin'.
I'm gonna treat my baby one day.
I'm gonna fill her up and head out West.
I'm gonna find some money alright. Yeah
That's it.
See those tail lights headed West
I got no money
to invest
I got no prospects
or education
I was lucky to get the job at this gas station

That old cash box
That old cash box
On the top shelf
On the top shelf
The boss is sleeping
The boss is sleeping
I'll just help myself
Let's consider this
as just a loan
I can sort it out later on the phone

I'm gonna pick my girl up tonight
I'm gonna fill 'er up and head west
I'm gonna show her all the bright lights
We're gonna say we lived 'fore we come home
And as I head through the woods on the way back
The evening sun is slanting through the pine trees real pretty
it's like i walked into a glade of heaven
and there's music playing
and this money is cold in my hand and voice somewhere says:
"Why were you going to take that stolen thing?
What real happiness can it bring?"
Ahhh Ohhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh
You're gonna fill her up with sadness
You're gonna fill her up with shame
You're gonna fill her up with sorrow before she even takes your name
You're gonna fill her up with madness
You're gonna fill her up with pain
You're gonna live with no tommorow
You're gonna fill her up with hate
You're gonna fill her up darkness
You're gonna fill her up with light
You gotta fill her up with Jesus!
You gotta fill her up with light!
You gotta fill her up with spirit! Fill her up!
You've gotta fill her up with faith
You gotta fill her up with heaven!
You've got the rest of life to face
You've gotta fill her up right away
You've gotta fill her up with faith
You've gotta fill her up with babies (?!!?)
You've gotta fill her up with this way
You're gonna love that girl forever
Your gonna fill her up for life
You're gonna be her loving husband
She gonna be your loving wife
You've gotta fill her up with gladness.
You gotta fill her up with joy!
You gotta fill her up with love,
You gotta fill her up with love
You gotta fill her up with love
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Sting: Fill Her Up

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Sting: Fill Her Up
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Sting: Fill Her Up

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