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Big Tymers: Get Your Roll On

(feat. J)

Ooooohhhhh, what, what, what
Ooooohhhhh, yeah

[Verse 1 (Manny Fresh)]
Af-ter...our shows
Big dicks... we slang
Freak bitch... do ya thang (do yo thang)
Benz, Vettes, Hummers, Jets
Ro-lex... mo' sex
Television... head rest
Twenty inches... nothin less
Every-day..... iced..... out
Nigga play....lights out
M... period... Fresh, comma
Yo wife is mama
God.......damn mother-fucker
She's a...good dick sucker
What...the....fuck hold on
Everybody (Scribbles) get yo' roll on

[(Chorus) 4x]
Everybody get yo roll on
Everybody get cha motherfuckin roll on

[Verse 2 (Baby)]
Be-atrice...bitch please
Nothin else.....none other
The...number one...stunner
Nigga...I pimp hoes
Boss...toss...flip hoes
Show them....bitches
Ridin 2G 'llac on......dubs
Nigga I done sold all that shit
soon, tour stop
Bought five Bentley Azures...props
TV's must...buttons must....
CMB...platinum plus
What the.....fuck...hold on
Everybody get yo' motherfuckin roll on


[Verse 3 (Manny and Baby together)] pipes ice
V-twelves...or better
No...itch....strictly leather
Don't worry about yo bitch
She comin wit' me
Leavin stickers on the Bentley
To show the price
Arm out the windows
Just to floss my ice
Fresh....wait hold up
Thats that bitch....we fucked
Nigga.....what yo bank bout
Dog i've been....lost count
Pop that Crist'.. pop that Mo'
Slap that bitch...punch that hoe
What the fuck....hold on
Everybody get yo motherfuckin roll on

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Big Tymers: Get Your Roll On

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Big Tymers: Get Your Roll On
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Big Tymers: Get Your Roll On

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